of Polish Society of Trichology

The PST recommendation program allows you to recognize products, publications, companies or organizations that maintain high quality standards and confirm high substantive value.
Affixing the PST recommendation mark means that PST has verified the quality of products or standards of the company or organization.

Issuing a recommendation by PST is in accordance with the statutory activity of the society.

Interested entities complete an application for a recommendation (the application is payable and the funds paid do not guarantee obtaining a recommendation, but are only the basis for starting the testing process and preparing documentation). The PST Management Board verifies the quality of products, publications, company or organization standards (product tests, organization research, etc.) .) The verification also includes an analysis of the documentation provided in formal, methodological and substantive terms.

The decision to grant a recommendation is made by the PST Management Board and positive verification means issuing a document confirming the recommendation and a template of the PST recommendation mark along with the fields for its use (the PST recommendation mark may be placed by the entity on products/publications to which the recommendation will be granted and on information and advertising materials from related to them, as well as websites, social media and information materials of companies and organizations that will be recommended).

After a positive review of the recommendation application, PST prepares an individually refined agreement specifying the terms of cooperation in this area.
The recommendation issued by PST is not an official certificate or attestation. The recommendation should be treated as a positive opinion of PST. By giving a recommendation, the Society does not become a party in any case. PST reserves the right to withdraw recommendations in justified cases.

The PST recommendation is issued for one year from the moment of the decision of the PST management board and is payable.

The application should contain the details of the entity applying for the recommendation, general information about the product to be recommended and the purpose of using the recommendation (e.g. logo on the packaging, website, press, television advertisement, etc.) and information about attachments (product registration documents, research clinical documents, other company documents, etc.)